Nothing is cheap in this world if you want quality. Like every other profession, being a pilot is also not a cheap thing. However, you can save money and affordably take your training. There are many aviation sectors, both very costly and less expensive. The cost of training and buying the necessary equipment for some of these sectors are very cheap. From all the sectors you need to find out the cheapest one for you. So, what do you think about the most affordable way for learning How to Fly in the Air?

There is no way you can find a cheaper source for aviation, but you can find a budget-friendly option for an average person.

The main cost is needed to take the training. In this context, we will describe some aircraft that are easy to fly and require a meager amount of exercise. Again the sports we have mentioned here don’t need licensing.

The 6 Cheapest Ways to Learn How to Fly

Here we are describing the six cheapest ways to teach you how to fly in the air. You can read the detailed info about these and choose the best method suitable for you and start your journey.

1. Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the most accessible forms of flying that you can learn within a very little time; which can be five days only. While paragliding, you need to strap into a Paragliding harness, then clip it onto a wing like a parachute, and then you can start your flying from the hilltop.

You can take Paragliding training at a very cheap rate if you want to learn how to fly in the air. Usually, it costs even less than $1000. You will also find the equipment for paragliding at a low cost. Again you can buy the necessary kits secondhand for a lesser price. These opportunities make paragliding the cheapest way of learning fly.

Paragliding Kamshet | Treks and Trails India

You have another option in buying necessary equipment from online platforms like eBay or any Facebook buying or selling pages. There you may get bargaining options. By scrolling in such pages or selling platforms, you will learn exactly what you need and know what to buy, whether new or used equipment.

Though there are some risks in paragliding, you can have a safe and enjoyable flight by taking good training for a long time about the dangers. You should train with a well-known training- school and follow a good syllabus to become a good pilot.

You might think if paragliding’s safety issue is not as vital as paramotoring. To get more ideas about safety issues, you can visit HERE.

It is said that forty years of experience can make you a good trainer and teach you how to fly in the air. That’s why you must make sure about the trainer from whom you will take training before confirming to take training from any specific school. You should take training from the school recognized by BHPA for UK pilots and USHPA for US pilots.

2. Paramotoring (Powered Paragliding)

Paramotoring is also known as Powered Paragliding, in short PPG. This flying sport is almost similar to paragliding. The only difference between Paragliding and Paramotoring is the type of aircraft you are flying. In the case of paramotoring, you will fly a small-engine aircraft surrounded by a cage that resembles a fan.

In the case of paragliding, you need to launch from a hilltop, but there is no need to launch your aircraft from a high place in the case of paramotoring. You can fly with your small aircraft from the ground; you need a little runway.

Paramotoring - Activities

Paramotoring doesn’t rely on the wind and thermal condition, which makes it safer than paragliding. Paramotoring aircraft doesn’t need much space to carry. You can take your aircraft for paramotoring with an average-sized car.

You can enjoy air gliding with your paramotor aircraft for a long time. Paramotor aircraft will offer you a flight of more than hundreds of miles at a time.

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Paramotor training is another cheaper option for you to learn. You will be able to take Paramotor training within the cost of $1000-$2000. Having a quality instructor for better training is vital for you to learn how to fly in the air. You will find many schools offering to train you up as a Paramotor pilot. You must need to research the quality before enrolled for training.

The equipment for paramotoring is also available at a low cost. You will find plenty of new or second hand Paramtotor accessories or machines in different shops or online platforms like eBay or Facebook.

You should take your training properly before buying Paramotor accessories as you need to gain immense knowledge to have a safe flight. Paramotor accessories are made for experienced pilots; thus, you should purchase these kits after gaining a quality experience about the usage and control of the accessories.

Learning how to fly in the air in paramotor will be your best choice if you like an engine based machine to operate. You can find many information and helpful posts about the Paramotoring form HERE.

3. Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is another option to learn about flying, which is unpowered like paragliding. You need to use a simple cloth wing attached with an airframe for flight. Flying in the open air with this set up is called Hang Gliding. It would help if you controlled your aircraft with a stationary control bar by merely shifting the position of body weight.

Hang Gliding is very easy to learn. If you have a fast learning ability, you can learn Hand Gliding within only five days. You don’t require a license for Hang Gliding in the UK or the US.

There is a thing to worry that Hang Gliding is considered one of the dangerous stuff. In recent years, pilots have made a trail of different errors and mistakes, hoping to suggest many skills to learn to have a safe flight. Although many pilots disagreed with them and still saying hang gliding a dangerous sport.

Though in all forms of aviation risks are present, instructors train pilots with a proper syllabus made with their experience to reduce any risk.

After analyzing many cases, we came to the point that the main reason behind an accident is the error of the pilot. As the control of hang gliding completely manual and depends on the skill of the pilot, it is riskier compared to paramotoring.

To launch their flight hangs, gliding pilots also need to launch from the hilltop. The weather condition like wind direction and thermal condition are essential facts to consider for hang gliding.

You must take training from the school recognized by BHPA for UK pilots and USHPA for US pilots. Hang gliding training can cause $1200 to $1600 for USHPA recognized pilots in the US, and £1000-£1500 for BHPA recognized pilots in the UK.

While buying the necessary equipment for hang gliding, you can buy them from online platforms like eBay or any Facebook buying or selling pages.

4. Foot Launched Powered Hang Gliders (FLPHG)

If you want to be a hang glider but don’t have any hilltop nearby, there is another option for you to take training on a foot-launched powered hang glider. You can launch a powered hang glider from any plane field. Another advantage of this is it doesn’t need wind.

A standard hang glider has wings, a control frame, and a small two-stroke engine to fly in the air. It would help if you controlled the whole thing with your foot, and so it is called foot-launched hang glider, in short FLPHG.

Mosquito hang glider, South Downs, Flphg - YouTube

Before taking training of an FLPHG, you must need to learn traditional hang gliding as a beginner. That’s why you have bare some extra expenses to take training on FLPHG.

In a full hang gliding course, you will learn how to fly in the air while rigging and launching the wings, controlling, turning around, approaching, landing processes and techniques. All these techniques are the foundation of powered hang gliding.

As there is no need to have licensed to fly these aircraft, the power conversions for these aircraft are relatively simple. You will be able to do power conversion within a few days only.

There is one problem with the launching process of FLPHG; FLPHG needs more space to take off, and also, the launching technique is much tricky.

Like paramotoring and paragliding, powered hang gliding is a safer way to fly in the air than traditional hang gliding. It would help if you flew with a powered hang glider in calm weather.

5. Ultralights

If your resident is in the US, then you have another option to learn. That is ultralights. In the US, flying ultralights don’t need any license, and the cost is very low. You can use the ultralight vehicles which meet the aircraft definitions laid out in FAR Part 103. 

Many aircraft with fixed-wing and some rotorcrafts fall under this category. Paramotors and foot-launched hang gliders are also one kind of ultralights as they meet the definition.

According to the definition of ultralights, you can sue only single-seated aircraft. Two seated crafts are permitted only for the training purpose.

The training period for ultralights depends on the type of aircraft you are flying. On average, it takes 10 to 20 hours for people to learn ultralights instructions.

The costing is much high for these, but if you buy a secondhand flex wing aircraft, it can cost around $4000.

6. Sub 70 kg (Self Propelled Hang Gliders)

Like the US, if you reside in the US, you can learn how to fly in the air relating towheel launched microlights aircraft. These aircraft also fall under the sub 70 KG category. It doesn’t need any license.

These aircraft are familiar to hang gliders, so they are named self-propelled hang glider (SPHG). They are also known as sub 70 microlights, as you knew before.

In CAA issued exemption in April 2017, self-propelled hang gliders are allowed to fly in the air. In this case, it is said that if the aircraft is foot-launched, then it is ok to fly off, but if the aircraft has a wheel, then the pilot must have a license.

Self-propelled hang-gliders’ training does not cost much as it doesn’t need any pre-qualification or skill to learn it. Microlight pilots don’t need to have any biannual or yearly inspection of their aircraft as sub 70 pilots need.

Many powered hang gliders and flies wing aircraft are included in this category. Again paramotor trikes and quads are also included in this type. Any aircraft which meets all the points of the definition of sub70 microlights can be categorized in this sector.

While landing on the ground, you must put more concentration on the speed limit. When flying a sub 70 microlight aircraft, you should never exceed 20 knots calibrated airspeed for turning in landing configuration.

To maintain safety, you must have an unladen mass of your aircraft not more than 70 KG to 75 KG, including the mass of full fuel.  You must keep an emergency parachute with you while flying in the air to avoid any unexpected situation.

Among all the aircraft available in the market, sub 70 KG is relatively new. That’s why you will not find many secondhand items at present. You can find some online pages selling necessary items and also can know the prices.

How can I Choose the Suitable Form of Flight for Me?

We have described the cheapest six forms of flights here that should be the first on your liston how to fly in the air. Now the time is to choose the way best suits you. The most difficult task you will find in choosing the best one for you. You need to decide the best option for you according to your interest and the cost you can afford.

Here we include some things according to which you can decide the best option for you.

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Is there any hill near to your home?

As you know, for paragliding or hang gliding, you need to launch from a hilltop; you can choose these options only if you have any hill nearby. It would help if you found out a suitable hill for launching your aircraft.

It would help if you had a hill where you have an appropriate landing area at the bottom. You also make sure that you can ride to the top of the hill with a car to carry the necessary things for hang gliding.

There are also many other things to consider for which you need to consult with your instructor and have an excellent plan to launch after viewing the site. Only after then you should start your training.

In case you don’t have any hill nearby, you should go for paramotoring. For this, you need a runway to fly with your aircraft. Finally, you need to ask yourself if you are comfortable with the launch site or not and then start training.

Where will you launch your aircraft?

Powered flights need a large space to launch and landing. So you need to have a large free space like a field for it. Usually, people make a contract with nearby landowners for launching their aircraft. You can also search for an FLPHG launch site in your area from where you will take off.

A sub 70 KG flex aircraft need more runway space than a paramotoring aircraft. A large field will be perfect for those aircraft to take to the site and take off from the ground. If you face a transportation problem, you will need a hanger at the local airfield.

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There are many ultralights that you can’t carry in an average-sized vehicle. For flying with such ultralights, you have to use a local airfield. If you don’t have any nearby airfields, you have to avoid such aircraft as you don’t face such problems.

Will you travel with your aircraft?

The easiest traveling option with an aircraft is paragliding following by paramotors. These aircraft don’t take a huge space to carry with you. You can easily have these with a small car. Even you can carry paragliding or paramotoring accessories with you on a plane with your entire luggage.

Paramotor aircraft is suitable to fly from anywhere; you need a little space as a runway. These aircraft will be a perfect choice for carrying with you while traveling. You don’t need to have any worry about the possibility of flying it. You can assemble all your accessories just within five minutes and get ready to take off.

Do you want a cheap aircraft to run?

If you will ask, “Which aircraft is cheap to run?” The answer is none other than a glider. You will need to inspect your air glider regularly to keep them airworthy.

On the other hand, while flying a powered aircraft, you should know these are fuel-based. So, it would help if you spent more on these for buying fuel. These are also heavy aircraft. It would help if you chose your preferable aircraft considering this thing. 

Wrapping Up

Thanks to you for checking our post about the six cheapest ways to learn how to fly in the air. I hope you will find out the best option for you from here. So choose the best appropriate option; take training properly, and then start flying. Have a safe flight!

Also learn which one is better for you, paramotor or paraglider.


I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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