Transporting a paramotor from one place to another is a big issue for paramotor aspirants. Considering the size and weight of the paramotor, one must think of a joint vehicle for transporting a paramotor. It turns out it’s not that complicated! You can use one of the smallest car and still end up transporting a paramotor successfully. Let’s know-how!

Just at the time of making paramotors, manufacturers realize that people will take it from here to the spot of launch. Almost all the paramotors come with a removable cage making it very easy to transfer in small vehicles. Also, you can make the paramotor smaller by removing a few bolts of the propeller.

In the above picture, you can imagine how I use just regular cars for transporting a paramotor. It can only be done by removing the propeller and cage and setting it right into the boot space. Without lowering the seat, you can transport it and take your family with you as well.

What to do about fuel?

The possible risk associated with transporting a paramotor from the car is the oil spilling. You can get past the risk by keeping your paramotor upright. If it slants in any direction, there is a risk of oil leaking through the breather pipe, carburetor, or tank cap.

For the first time I was doing it, I couldn’t do it right and lost almost 3 liters of fuel just by leakage. It isn’t soaked in the car seats after driving through reserve and harness. The worst part is it wasn’t my car! But my friend’s.

You should try the options given below while using the paramotor transport rack to avoid uncomfortable situations like this.

Using carry rack for transporting a paramotor

You can get a Thule carry rack for transporting a paramotor by fitting it on the tow bar. Whenever you need to keep other things in the boot space, this trick can work like a charm.

You can make the paramotor transport rack effortlessly if you follow the correct steps.

I purchased this particular rack because it was everyone’s recommendation. This one has a reasonable price and is sturdy, challenging, and durable at the same time. Just in two minutes, it bolts to the tow bar without budging later on.

I usually fit a plywood sheet at the top of the rack before I use it. It doesn’t let the paramotor wobble around, makes it sit in its place. You can use the available holes to bolt it in the rack and cut the wood to fit in that shape.

Here are a few tied down rings I found on Amazon that you will love to add. It’s necessary to make your paramotor stay on the rack. Just with Jigsaw and drill’s help, you can get it done within an hour or so. Do it carefully so that the paramotor doesn’t fall apart while you are flying in the air.

How can you transport paramotor in smaller cars?

You do not need to worry if you don’t have access to a tow bar or your car is smaller. You can see in the picture below and imagine how I fit all the equipment in this car. I had to lower the back seats to create space enough for the equipments. Yet I could quickly put extra items on the front seat space.

his is how you can fit your equipments in the car!


No, you must know the small cars can also transport a paramotor. On the contrary, if you still don’t wish to fit the paramotor in the vehicle, you will need another method. Maybe you are afraid of fuel leakage, oil dripping on the carpet from exhaust, etc.

What are some other means of transporting paramotor?

This is how you can transport a paramotor in a van

Another best option we can think of transporting a paramotor is a van. It is tough to find a suitable when but also you have options.

You can see a seven seated crew cab van in the above picture. It made it easy for transporting a paramotor and my family simultaneously and still left a lot of space. It’s a great idea when you are having a get together of meetups and the flight too. I could easily fit in all the paramotor equipment, camping materials, food, and the family.

The most significant trouble I came across is when it doesn’t run well off-road, especially in the winter, when the fields are all soggy. I can set my paramotor on the backside by removing the propeller and cage, as you can see.

This is how it looks when you fit it all inside in less space!

Another option is a paramotor trailer. Without actually trying it, I am tempted to use this option as it seems so fun! Just put the paramotor upright inside the trailer using some tie-downs. You won’t be putting your car at the risk of oil leakage this way.

After checking out all these options, including the paramotor carrier, you must be relieved that there are so many easy ways for transporting a paramotor. You can share your ideas in the comments so that others can know whatever we are missing.

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I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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