Are you searching for a tow bar mounted carry rack for your paramotor? Or for one of the best paramotor tow bar racks that is solid and durable too? If you are looking for the best and still unable to get it, then, my friend, with this blog, you will be able to get the best option for your flying beast.

Read on to learn more about this.

After consulting experienced pilots from quite a few countries regarding paramotor racks, I have come to know about the Thule Eyebase Rack. When I started using it, I realized its amenity. And now it has become my favorite.

In the next few minutes, I will explain everything about its features and how to make it the perfect rack for your paramotor. So, please bear with me till the end!

Firstly, I just want you to check this product, Thule Easybase 949, on Amazon to know the specific characteristics and current price. Not only on Amazon, but it is available on other shopping sites like eBay also.

Thule Easybase Base Unit


The Thule EasyBase is constructed with firm steel. It possesses an excellent tensile strength to resist any wear and tear. This rack comes with an advanced coupling system that is designed specifically for the user’s convenience. Most of the tow bars can be easily fitted with this rack due to the smart coupling.

An essential feature of paramotors carrying is the upright, which will be utilized for strapping it on. This will provide the paramotor a smooth motion without any backward and forward sliding. I have encountered some paramotors with declining tow bar mounted racks due to the lack of vertical anchorage.

Thule EasyBase rack is strong enough to handle the mass of any paramotor. Features mention that it can easily hold a weight of 45 kg. Since I have been using it for some years, I can undoubtedly say that the rack can bear up to 70kgs without budging.

It is also accompanied by a pack of lights, number plate board and electrical plug. Fitting this rack into your carriage will not take a second longer than 2 minutes.


The Thule EasyBase rack will require some transformations to be adequately fitted in your paramotor. You should not be distressed as it is not that tough and can be carried out by anybody.

You will need some equipments to do the procedure. Those equipments include a drill, a drill bit mostly of length 6 mm, nuts and bolts, a saw, a piece of plywood, and some tie-down rings. Audew 8 lashing rings are perfect for this purpose.

At first, cut the plywood to the shape of the rack. To make the perfect shape, you can place the plywood up on the rack and mark the sides with a pen. Cutting the plywood will be easy by doing so.

After that, grip the wood to the rack in the correct place by using some G clamps. The rack causes holes in the crossbars that you can utilize. Drill through the wood with the help of the drill bit. Minimum 10- bolts are required to keep the wood rigid and prevent breaking on rough ground.

Then, lock the plywood onto the rack by using the nuts and bolts. Roofing bolts are very convenient to use since their heads do not project too much inside. It is also recommended to use big washers and locking nuts to keep the bolts tight.


Since every paramotor is not the same, you need to place your paramotor on the rack before bolting the tie-down rings.

When you are bolting to the plywood, make sure to place them in an area that will not cause you to puncture through the rack. You can use a marker to locate the places of drilling.

Some specific tie-down rings fit perfectly with the bolts beside upright. This the best place to lock them.

You can also follow the below-cited steps:

  • Carry out straight drilling with long bolts and nuts.
  • Whenever you need to drill into the rack, use a 5mm long-tapping drill and an M6 tap to cut the thread.


You should make sure to tighten the bolts before positioning the paramotor on the rack.

Once the paramotor stands rigidly on the rack, you can take up the strapping action. A harness around is useful to prevent the to and fro to sliding motion of the paramotor while flying.

You can also put a belt to hold the bottom of the rack towards upright. For prevention of the sideways sliding, you will need to use a tarchet strap. Do not make the straps too tight; otherwise, it will end up tilting your paramotor frame.


By summing up, I just want to tell that the tow bar mounted carry rack is a complete thumbs up to transport your paramotor. It has abundant spaces to carry extra boxes easily. Overall, it is good to go.

 List of the materials you will be needed:

  • Thule EasyBase 949 carry rack
  • Audew 8 lashing tie-down rings
  • G clamp
  • 6 mm drill bit
  • Roofing bolts M6
  • Locking nuts M6
  • Washers M6, 18 mm diameter
  • 10 mm and 5 mm drill bit
  • Button head bolts M6
  • Centre punch to drill the holes
  • 2 mm Pilot drill

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I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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