For keeping the instruments, paramotors don’t leave much space. Though the Trike pilots have some better mounting options, there are some other great options for foot launch pilots. Besides that, there are some other good options available for paragliding pilots. However, seven outstanding instruments can improve your flight experience, and this will not give you any distraction at the same time.


The altimeter is at the top of any paramotorist’s preference. This altimeter is necessary for flying near airspace. It’s essential when you have to follow the minimum height, such as the UK’s 500 foot.

Multi-function: Altimeter/ Barometer/ Thermometer/ Hygrometer/ Compass/ Pedometer/ Flashlight and weather forecast for indoor and outdoor activity.


Pilots use different apps, but these are not the right thing. There is a better option; that is wrist or riser mounted altimeter. Through this, without looking at your mobile phone for longer times, you can check your altitude. The altimeter, which can work from barometric pressure, can give you better efficiency. There are a few choices available. You can find some reviews on micro alti. This is a small instrument for different types of flying.

Different options available include Garmin Fortex 401, which has other tools for paramotoring. It includes GPS positioning, sunrise and sunset times, and some electric compass.

Even you can use your altimeter watch instead of a regular watch. You can find some micro alti reviews where you can discover Casio Pathfinder for paramotoring; also, this will give you the actual results accurately.

Flight Decks

Here comes the next paramotor instrument, and you must have something to mount on flight decks. The clips to your harness allow you to mount the instruments on a tacky Velcro pad. You are getting some extra space to keep your essentials and some space to hold your map.

These things are good for country cross pilots, paramotor campers. It is excellent if anybody needs some extra storage space. In comparison to others, GIN is the only trendy and well-rated choice.


GPS is a useful device, especially when you are flying long distances areas where you have never been before. It’s surprisingly easy to get lost in similar-looking places, but with the help of GPS, you can easily find any place.

Garmin Drive 51 USA LM GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps, Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions, Direct Access, Driver Alerts, TripAdvisor and Foursquare Data


GPS is designed to keep aviation in mind. Garmin area 796 is a unit which has a similar GPS moving map view, along with some airspace related charts, a virtual 3D terrain view, an automatic flight log, and various other features. In this unit, you can load your documents, such as multiple flight plans, reminders, checklists, and other things.

Only this GPS can give you several useful tools that have these kinds of aviation units attached. You can attach the Garmin unit onto your flight deck, and you can do that with just a touch of a button.


However, if you think you can only enjoy switching off the engine and thralling, then you are wrong. There you can find a vario that will be attached to your flight deck, and it can be helpful to guide you about paramotoring tools.

  • Buzzer/near thermal sound.
  • Ultra sensitive Variometer with 10 readings per second and 10 cm resolution.
  • Configurable vario digital filter and integration values.
  • Fully configurable Vario Sound
  • 4 Sound Levels (configurable by menu, or using a key).


The vario detects the areas of the sink and lift. Also, it will help you if you are seeking out thermals. The high space varios especially come with mixed meter, compass, GPS, airspace maps, and more things. There is an excellent example of this, and that is Naviter Hyper.

This Naviter Hyper has a cool feature that is airspace and warnings. This Naviter Hyper will help you to check your position, and that is related to the closest airspace rules through a map. When you get close to the airspace, it will give you a pop-up warning; also, you will get a sound alarm. It will help you to get notified if you failed.

Some other useful features you are getting include a full-color map and terrain. The thermal assistant will give a visual indication of the areas which has the most substantial lift in the present thermal. There is a waypoint feature that will help you to calculate lading, distance, bearing, and some other stuff. You can check the specs from here. You can check the current price on different online sites.

Fuel Gauge                         

It isn’t easy to find how much fuel is left in your tank. This is mainly impossible for most of the paramotors. You can check your fuel burn rate. Besides that, you can keep your eye on the flight time, or you can use a telescopic fuel to check out the mirror.

However, if you take a lot of cross country flying, the fuel gauge would be the better option. For fitting the fuel gauge, you need a drill connected to your tank. You can fit the electronic display into your hand throttle.

A disadvantage is there are not many options available. There is a popular option: the Tiggy fuel gauge, and you can easily find this online. Through the indicator, you can clearly understand how much fuel is left in the tank, and it will show you the burn rate as well.

G-Metrix Action Cam

If you do not want to carry extra equipment, then you can bring an action camera that has matrix data. Gramin has developed this technology, and it also uses sensors that have already been built into the action cam. With the help of Garmin, you can easily show your onscreen display to your customized selected data. Many people are using this for paramotoringpurposes. However, if you use it, you are going to love this.

There are huge options available, and you can choose any of them through its display. It also includes speed, altitude, GPS location, track shape, position, traveling distance, and more.

You must have a Gramin Virb action cam, and this camera will record all the data when you fly. You can export any video when you are free, and you can also be able to add your data to the screen you have selected. Through this, you can give your friends a fantastic experience.

You can check out the action cameras on different sites to know the actual price.


However, if the pilot is following the old-fashioned procedures, then he will need the compass. There are a few options available, and there you can find some instruments which have a compass feature in it.

OLD FASHIONED COPPER COMPASS (NEW VERSION): Features 360 degree rotating bezel for easy navigation & orienteering


A magnetic compass is also available; besides that, you can use a basic digital compass; also, you can download a smartphone compass app. All these instruments will show you accurate results.

However, if you are thinking of using any app, you must use the lanyard to hold your phone while flying is very risky. You can also stick to some other option, and that is Velcro on the backside of your phone case.

Choose Paramotor Instruments!

Doing paramotoring by yourself locally can give you pain because you are carrying the instruments also. However, if there is an instrument you will need, it is an altimeter.

You must have seen the top seven choices now you can choose easily which one would be right for you.

However, if you like flying, then you must check the cross country guidance as well.

Gloves for All Seasons

If you are living in Dubai or Antarctica, it does not matter a lot. However, if you are thinking of joining paramotoring, you will need gloves to protect your hands from cold.

Here, you can find some gloves that will give you protection from all the seasonal effects and temperatures. You can use these gloves for paramotoring and paragliding.

Importance of Paramotoring Gloves

Gloves are equally necessary if you are planning to fly in warm temperatures. Your hands will become cold even in warm weather, even if you pass in the middle of the summer.

If you are planning to fly for 10 minutes or flying low, then you will not face any problems. But you should keep in mind that the higher you reach and the colder it will be. The cold air and 35 mph wind chill will hit you hard. After getting a higher level, your hands will start leaving the heat, making the flying very uncomfortable.

Sometimes the cold air can sink into the valleys because it can make the hot air heavy.

You can see the differences. You can feel cold after opening up the trimmer. It happens because you are traveling much faster and, also, it needs more power to control the altitude. It means the propeller is moving faster, and it will pull more air.

Hence, a warm summer day can drop its temperature whenever you will fly higher.

Flying freezing temperatures

If you are flying in cold temperatures, mostly less than 50-degree F, without gloves, you can face several difficulties. A set of suitable gloves can provide you a good flying experience.

The thermals in the winter season can give you silky smooth air, so if you plan to buy a nice pair of gloves, it will be the best.

Ultimate Paramotor Gloves for Flying

The professionals will always fly with paramotor gloves. After wearing the gloves, hands will feel protected from any frictional burns. These can often be caused while launching. You can climb any altitude, and your hands will stay as it is.

New Fabrics and Designs make the mens / women gloves more fit and warpped. And this Gloves are also suitable for any kind of Gloves for Skis and big riding gloves. This will allow your gloves to cope with the colder and colder winter.


Also, you will need a glove, and it will help you to hold any brakes comfortably, thereby allowing you to control the throttle.

You can find any gloves that are specially for paramotoring. However, you can try motocross gloves because they are durable and comfortable. Also, those gloves are soft and easy to wear. After wearing those gloves, you can move your hands and fingers smoothly.

There are some essential gloves that you can use for a longer period. Those gloves are also perfect for flying and maintaining the ground. Some gloves can give you service for more than six years. It will remain the same, even after flying for hundreds of hours.

What are the Things You Must Look for Paramotoring Gloves?

  • The gloves should be durable enough to give you protection against falls and frictional burns that comes from flying high.
  • Those hand gloves can give you the freedom to move your hands quickly.
  • The gloves should not be too thick to block the feedback that comes from the main controls.
  • Also, you must check that the gloves are fitting you perfectly.
  • It should be windproof.
  • It must be breathable that can stop moisture build-up inside the glove. Also, it will protect your hands from cooling.
  • It must have very powerful, permanent, long-lasting, and rechargeable batteries.

I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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