It’s super important to set the hang angle of your paramotor while you are strapping into it. Paramotor Hang test is critical if you are flying in a different paramotor. Also you should do it when you are flying for the first time. It’s one of the most crucial safety measures to have a safe flight. You can risk many dangers, including landing, take off, or riser twist by neglecting the paramotor hang test.

Paramotor trike .. Centre of Gravity Testing .. - YouTube
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It is much easier to set the hang angle. But while you are trapped in, it can be tricky to guess or assuming the hang angle. The best recommendation is to take someone with you who can suggest you about the angles. You should have someone who can take pictures from different angles and make the task easy for you. However, if you are alone, try to film it yourself and then watch it to check the angle.

Before you go on your first paramotor flight, you should try to imitate it. Set up everything before you do the paramotor hang test imagining you are going to fly. Get your helmet on with the flight suit, fill your fuel tank more than half, connect the reserve parachute, etc. Do not miss out on anything as you need to make sure you are putting in the same weight for the paramotor hang test as you would in your actual flight.

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You may get a chance to practice your flight during the paramotor hang test. It gives you enough idea of how your real flight will be. One activity that requires practice is the takeoff and the landing. You need to practice your launch and also how to get out of the harness. One of my friends was finding it tricky to get into the harness. Actually he aborted to fly because it was just so hard for him to manage the harness.

We found a way to tackle this and got him up for the paramotor hang test. Then we figured out that he was doing wrong. We showed him different ways of putting himself comfortably in the harness. That was the end of his dilemmas, as he didn’t have any problem anymore.

You can also practice weight shift turns by moving around wearing a harness. You can figure out the amount of weight you will need to lift to take a turn. Make sure the reserve handles are in an easy to grab position. You may need to catch them anytime while flying.

Hang Testing My New Paramotor! - YouTube
Credits: Anthony Vella

Paramotor Hang Test- Where Can You Hook Your Paramotor?

I always preferred an A frame engine crane to finish my paramotor hang test. Or you can go with your instincts and find the one which suits you best. Make sure the thing you choose is strong enough to let you attach with the paramotor. If you don’t have a handy frame, bring some creativity. Some other things like wood beams from buildings, children swings, or tree branches to accomplish great hang test.

You can get a swing frame at a cheaper rate which you can use in the future anytime you need it. You can have a glance at these fantastic frames on Amazon. These affordable frames will properly do the job. If you are into art and crafts and handy with woodwork, you can make yourself one! And if you want to go for the easy way, get yourself ready-made steel brackets. These are attached to the timber using the bolt, and you can get these brackets on Amazon.

To work with the fame, You only need to tie it with ropes of the same length and attach it with the paramotor. Keep the knots of the ropes tight, and don’t let them be loose. Loose knots can pose a greater risk of damaging the paramotor. Click here to use strong ropes professionally and non slip knots.

Another alternative is using ratchet straps for the same purpose. Wind a whole bunch of straps around the ratchet and make sure it stays there without slipping. The cheap straps are more prone to break easily, so always go with heavy-duty ones.

Setting Up The Hang Angle

Now you need to hook up the paramotor after setting up the frame. It’s essential to check the angle with the help of someone. However, if you are alone, you can film it yourself from the side view and determine if the angle is correct.

Observe the angle after you stop swinging. Look at the images to determine the settings you have done are right or not.

Move your hang points in the forward direction if it is required. Flying in an uncomfortable position and neglecting the paramotor hang test can make it challenging to launch and land. It also hikes up the risk of propeller sucking up the brake handle as the riser is always close to the cage.

Leaning backward

Also, it can be hazardous if you are flying a paramotor that is pulling you way more backward. It can be hard to run for launch as the torque will be increased enough to cause a riser twist. You can avoid this by moving your hang points backward.

Proper angle

The angle you set in your hang point must be accurate. Slightly backward or forward can lead to distortion in your assumption. Lean forward only as much as required. You will be able to pivot under your wing if you are flying under power. Natural thrust is generated that causes you to fly. You will be urged to lean back more than required because of this pivoting. That’s why make sure you keep the angle correct.

How Do You Adjust The Hang Points?

Adjustment of hang points vary among the manufacturers. Some manufacturers bolt the hang points to the bar, while some wrap the nylon webbing in a loop around the bar.

hang point paramotor correct

You must reattach it carefully if you are going for nylon webbing in your paramotor. Don’t let the webbing form multiple loops under the bars. There have been numerous incidents where hang points move forwards, and the pilot tilts in the backward position after takeoff. The pilots are usually directed upwards to the sky, which poses a deadly risk of riser twist.

paramotor hang test harness

You can imagine how bad it would be. It will be uncomfortable, and the pilot won’t see the necessary parts while landing. Always double-check after you reattach the webbing and ensure they are not attached loosely.

You will only require to remove the bolts and loosen it if the bar is bolted to the hang points. Then anything that’s left would be to use alternative holes for getting the desired hang angle by moving them forwards and backward. Tighten the bolts according to the instructions of the manufacturer to get the correct torque. Make sure they stay on their same side for a long time by double-checking.

Check the hang angle always and adjust the hang points until you are sure it is on the correct angle. Once you are sure about the angle, check if the bolts are tight. Also, check the rest of the parts of your paramotor to see everything in its place.

Can Pilots Learn Paramotor Hang Test By Themselves?

You will find several pilots who have taught themselves doing hang test. Some self-trained pilots even created a Facebook group to help other self-trained people and master this task.

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I have listed out some of the reasons why pilots teach themselves to paramotor:

Expensive training cost: Training cost varies with the school you have chosen. On average, it costs around $1000 to $2000. Many people find it too expensive or a waste of money to learn it by watching videos on the internet at free of cost.

When you look deeply into the training procedures and instrumentations, you will find out that the money you are spending actually is not worth the training.

  • Your instructor is charging money from you to pay the rent of that place where trainings are carried out.
  • Another addition to the amount is to provide the trainees with the best facility available.
  • Training fees might be a bit higher because the training school needs to pay the insurance premium.
  • The maintenance and repairing costs also involve in the trainees’ fees.
  • The training period requires up to 5 or 7 days. Your fee structure also includes the bill that the instructor needs to pay during the training period.

The first person who ever flew was taught by whom: One of the biggest arguments people experience against instructor training of paramotors is about the first person who ever was led by none. He must have done that by himself. So, if he could do this, why could not you?

Here, I want to tell you about the first paragliding pilot. His name was David Barish, and he belonged to the USA. He built a parachute with gliding capabilities for NASA while working under it independently and flew with that. That’s how it started.

David Barish, "Father of Paragliding", Dead at 88
David Barish, “Father of Paragliding”, Dead at 88

Indeed, the first pilot was not a newbie with no experience like many people used to think. He was a master in his skills and already knew how to handle the wing correctly from launch to landing.

No Training Schools in the vicinity: Many people want to learn paramotoring from an experienced pilot. The problem lies in the distance of schools from their home. If there is no training center present nearby, people do not want to go to distant centers as it will add more costs in the transportations and accommodations. Or in some cases, it is quite a bit difficult for them to manage time to travel to the paramotor schools after work.

It may be a surprise to know that many paramotor trainers come to you to teach. So it will be worth calling some training schools to discuss your preferences.

Wrapping Up Paramotor Hang Test

After following all the steps mentioned above, you will be eligible to have a safe flight. Paramotor Hang test may change from time to time if you gain or lose any weight. If you see any change in your weight, conduct the paramotor hang test again, just to stay on the safe side. Also, if you gain weight during a cross country race, do the paramotor hang test too.

Happy paramotoring!


I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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