Are you looking out for a new adventure? This blog has all the facts you should know to plan a paramotor camping trip. You will also find out how you can carry all the equipments and gears on the paramotor for your trip.

Paramotor camping is a new trend that is getting extremely popular every year. After learning paramotoring, pilots always look for new challenges to overcome. Pilots can go to the places they can only dream of with the help of paramotor camping.

Paramotor Camping Trip - YouTube

Many people like the idea of going on faraway land with the paramotor stuffed with fishing gear. Then they might camp there for a few days and catch fishes to make a living. It isn’t that bad of an idea if you know how to fly a paramotor. Or maybe you wish to spend a few days exploring the hills. You can also go on a hunting trip with a few friends. The reasons are countless for going on a paramotor camping trip.


If you are going on a paramotor camping trip for the first time, you’ll need to do a lot of planning. Make a list of all the things you’ll need and think of a tricky way to put them on your paramotor. This is an essential step that comes before even picking a date. And do it only when the weather feels right.

Paramotors are specially made to carry items only as huge as a wing bag. To fit any object bigger than that, you need to think creatively. It might not be a practical way to take an air mattress, tent, or a sleeping bag, and therefore you can go for the affordable All-in-One options. You can go for a super tent called RhinoWolf all-in-one that includes everything you will need for your paramotor camping trip. It weighs as low as 2.5 kg; however, it can be a bit pricey.

My brother purchased a small tent that was perfect for a fly camping. When packed away, it is only about 1.5 feet, and that is smaller than the tent I would prefer in my paramotor. It weighs only 2 kg or even less. Get the purchase link from here.

However, if you plan a trip in midsummer, you can go on with just the mattress or tarp tent except the sleeping bag or the tent. You can even fit it in your flight suit pocket or harness.

If you want to make sure it is secured nicely, attach the bottom of your harness or frame with gear. You can do it with a rope also but for more safety, go for secure knots.

Ratchet straps are also a good option; however, they are quite chunky and heavy. This can also take a lot of space or get in your way of flying comfortably.

Make sure any loose strap or rope is not getting stuck in the propellers. If you are using it for attaching the gear, you may ignore the loose ends.

Paramotor Camping
Paramotor Camping

Take a note of the fuel you require to fly. Also, remember the spots to land at the stations if you will need to refuel your tank. And if you will be filling up the fuel, don’t forget the two-stroke motors oil along the way. Take a small bottle and put the right amount of oil in it. It is convenient and will take up very little space in your paramotors compared to a 1-liter tub.

Before you leave, check-up every bolt and nut. Even a very small bolt can cause a significant hazard if it is loose. Select some tools to carry on with the trip in case any nut or bolt goes loose. You can’t carry a whole toolbox, so pick out wisely.

Even after you have a landing zone in mind, always keep a plan available as a backup landing spot. When you are at your destination, don’t just fly straight into the land spot. Just circle over the top for some time and observe the launch area. Make sure how often you can land. If the area is not fair, go for the plan, be that is the backup site.

If the pilot is flying trikes, they can take more camping gear. However, it will lengthen the takeoff run, and you will need a longer strip and speed to be airborne.


If you have decided on a date for your paramotoring trip, let a friend know where you are exactly going and when you will be back. It’s essential to keep a backup plan as situations can always worsen for the worst.

Motor is highly prone to quit anytime, and therefore you should be ready with another plan. It is also possible that your paramotor fails to start for your return trip. If you can fix the issue on the site, you should go to the nearest road and get back with the essential tools that are necessary to fix the problem. It is never easy to work long distances with a paramotor over your shoulder. Believe me; I have been there!

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Another bad possibility is weather conditions. Weather may not always be like how you want it to be. Even weather forecast reports can be wrong, sometimes leaving you in trouble. It is recommended to collect weather reports for subsequent days as well. Don’t just rely on the weather report of the same day you will be going paramotor camping. Look for weather conditions of further days as well. Also, it’s much easier to get ahead on the road without your gear. You should return to the camp with your supplies and wait until the weather is nice.

Check Google maps for your planned camping spot and observe all the ways to get out of there by foot. Figure it all out before you leave for paramotor camping and prepare a backup with a friend. Think of some signal that your friend will be getting in case you are not back in time.

Try to paramotor within the range of your phone signal. You should be able to reach anyone for help if your motor fails or you come across any trouble. Imagine you underwent an accident and have no one to contact you. It is essential to be under the phone signal range.


While I was going on a paramotor camping, my complete goal was focused on camping. So accordingly, I took the materials that was only required for camping only. I took only a tent and a few other essentials. I only flew one hour and then camped for one night.

All I needed was a sleeping bag and a two-person tent. I attached frame on it with the help of a lightweight rope. You can prevent it from swinging from the propeller with the use of a separate cord.

How to get away with a situation where your engine quits? The best I did was pack the wing compression sack. It will make it easy to walk to the nearest road. It was compact enough to go in the pocket of a flight suit. I stored a spanner set, wire cutters, wing repair tape, Allen key set, torch, knife, spark plug in my left pocket of the harness. I also somehow managed to put a fuel check mirror and a bottle of water in there.

Another thing I did was I took the air mattress and folded it to keep it under the seat.

Then I stored some food and additional water in a small bag attached to the frame over my head. Also, on each flight, I went with my wallet and mobile for any emergency.

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Although this was not a lot of load to carry; still, it felt pretty heavy. It was challenging to strap up while standing up as I could not handle the weight comfortably. The situation would be better if another pilot was with me to share the load.

It’s my other dream to get an All-in-One super tent to carry it easily on my future paramotor camping trips. This can be expensive, still, it is worth a shot. It’s always better to carry one single thing other than taking lots of additives in bits and pieces. It won’t keep my weight down, and I will save a lot of space.

Now that I have mentioned everything, one thing that is left is a rucksack. I have also traveled with a rucksack wrapped around me back to front. I clipped it in the harness. It turns out it was an excellent help for carrying extras. There are also many kinds of storage bags available in the market that get fit on the paramotors quickly.

Some of the popular areas for paramotoring are just down the road where I can go by car. If it’s the same with you, you should also carry a fuel can to your camping site. You can do sightseeing the next morning while flying in different directions for a change.


By now, you must have a good idea of how you can have a successful paramotoring camping trip. It should be on the top of your priority list to stay safe and secure while flying. Fix any gear that you think is not working correctly. Plan it slow but well, as rushing can make you forget essential things.

Do not forget a backup even for once. Before you go flying, do a hang test if you have multiple gears. Just a few kgs can make a huge deal of difference.

In the end, enjoy your camping trip as much as you can. If you have already been there, write down in the comments section. And others who haven’t been there, do read the comments of experienced pilots.


I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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