Is it that time of year when you want to explore paramotoring adventures because you are finished with your training? This experience can be exciting but also needs caution on another level. Especially when you are a beginner, try not to spend on things you don’t need.

Whereas if you are still a trainee, don’t rush into buying equipment as you can end up with the wrong ones.

Wait until the moment you are sure this is what you want to do because confidence is essential in adventures.

It’s essential to take proper training, so you are ready to learn many things about paramotor. Suppose you are going to fly, then you should know how to do it safely. You can witness a dangerous situation if you try it without any training. So before you purchase and equipment, learn appropriately in a flight school.

Even the second-hand equipments for paramotoring can come way out of your budget. Some people even say the total cost of paramotoring can sum up to $14,000, including all the accessories and equipment. Now that number can be impossible for some people. Let’s look closely at the budget of paramotoring.

It can be both cheap or pricy!

You heard that right! The only matter is your budget. You need to prepare a budget and stick to it no matter what you attract. Of course, it can be expensive, but if you are devoted, it’s no big deal for you. You won’t be making a lot of sacrifices as most of the equipment comes under budget.

There can be a chance when you don’t want to spend money as it’s just your hobby. People don’t intend to spend on their hobby as much. And that’s your decision, do not pay above your benchmark if you don’t want to, especially if you are doing it just for fun. Also, you don’t need a highly advanced technological equipments to experience this.

Budget-friendly Paramotoring – Is it possible?

The simplest method to purchase accessories are requirements for paramotoring is to go to online sources. It can be either Facebook or eBay. You will get to know the prices of brand new and second-hand equipments of paramotoring, which may be budget-friendly.

You can even find Facebook groups that works for selling out paramotor equipments to beginners and experienced.

There can be, however, some shortcomings for going for this method. People often don’t recommend purchasing a low budget or low-quality accessories as they always carry some risk. It’s because those equipment are not always safe although they are cheaper. Still, it doesn’t apply for every equipment out there. That can even do a piece of equipment for you that is used and still working well.

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There are some factors that you should think of before you purchase any equipment related to paramotor. It’s not uncommon for a salesman to speak more good than bad for selling it out; especially when it comes to equipment. So the better option is to check yourself if the equipment is right and safe for you.

At first, you will check the harness if you want to wear it. You would have to find a strong frame and go through all the available hang points. Examination of the propeller is vital to see if you can see any damage.

Paramotoring under budget

If you are aspiring to get the most out of the money you spend on buying the paramotor, you are not the only one wishing for this. It is vital to make conscious decisions under a specific budget not to have to face money issues in the future after purchasing the equipment. However, these methods should help you with buying the equipment in the right way under budget. First of all, you can approach the websites like Facebook and eBay to find a cheap paramotor for buying.

Here are some of the products that we will recommend.

There is no need to get yourself a new product; you can always go for the old one by observing the paramotor age. It is essential to avoid buying the oldest paramotor if you consider flying every few days. Many old paramotors are facing worst-case scenarios such as severe torque twist. It happens because the hang points are placed differently in the new machines. That means torque was never the centre of attention for the manufacturers in the golden days. However, ever since the technology has developed, manufacturers’ focus has shifted toward thrust effects and torque.

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On the other hand, if you end up purchasing second-hand paramotors of good quality, you will attain many benefits. You should locate someone with a paramotoring experience to buy a second-hand paramotor.

The experienced individual can help you in providing an in-depth knowledge of the machine and how it works. They would even take you to inspect a second-hand machine effectively so that you can buy a useful paramotor under budget. After being familiar with the engine and its working, you can bargain with the sellers on various websites like eBay.

Issues other than your budget

Money isn’t an issue for everyone out there while purchasing paramotor. Even after having cash at hand, you may find it challenging to buy a good quality paramotor easily.

You can buy a BlackHawk Intruder paramotor at just $16,000, having a 600 lbs pilot weight and 3.2-gallon tank. These aspects are expensive for you if you don’t have money. However, if you have enough cash at hand, you can buy the products that can suit you the best.

Even after having enough money, you might find it challenging to get appropriate accessories to give you better flight experience. One of the famous companies, Ozone, will provide you with many flying accessories. You can browse through this paramotor and paraglider brand and find several accessories in their products section. You will discover many banners, both horizontal and vertical, available online along with high-quality sombreros.

You can navigate the website and find the Glider Sports section to search for accessories and equipment related to the paramotor. Many aspects, such as GoPro Wing Mount, are available on the company website to allow you to take any flight during the day.

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The five major causes of expense while paramotoring

The first cause- The paramotor

Since paramotoring is a sport-related to flying, the materials and tools used are relativity expensive. However, you can still purchase promotors of high quality at just $5,000 minimum. The price can also rise to $10,000. You can again go for a cheaper paramotor available online on sites like Facebook and eBay. Even though these second-hand machines are less costly, you would have to be extra careful while purchasing it. You would have scrutinized it before buying the paramotor.

Paramotors are worth spending money if you love flying out in the sky. Even though the machines are involved, it can take you to reach a higher altitude in a short time.

Since paramotor is meant to be heavier than the machines of a different sport, the purchasing process is relatively complicated. When you research a particular company concerning paramotor for the first time, you will see many websites available, promising to give you the best quality product. If you want to pilot this machine in the future, you would have to understand more about the balance between the weight and power to fly higher quickly.

Therefore, it is mandatory to search for information related to weight and thrust output. You can also check and see if the accessories and other tools of the paramotor are certified and tested for extra precaution. You also have to make sure to check out of the product yourself before purchasing. In this way, you can determine whether it is the right machine for you or not.

Second cause- Cost of the wing

Wing is an essential element when it comes to flying with the help of a paramotor. It is a vital part without which the paramotor can’t pass.

Since the wing is so significant for paramotoring’s flying sport, many top brands such as Niviuk, Gin, and Ozone have come forward to provide high-quality products to you. You must purchase a top-notch wing for your paramotor from a trustworthy brand. You can get high durability and dependability because of its construction.

If you don’t have a budget, you can surely head out for a cheaper or a second-hand wing. However, such a situation can bring out several risks with flying. A low-quality wing can end up creating flying troubles for you, sending you to the doorsteps of frequent accidents. Therefore, the average money that you need to spend starts from $2,500 to $4,000.

It is also essential to choose the right quality wing while purchasing. That is why, before you make a purchase, you need to make sure that the particular product you are buying from a website is certified and tested as well. If you end up purchasing and uncertified wing, you might land up with many difficulties while flying. It is in your best interest to avoid such products and accessories.

Many companies will also promote a package deal that might not be right for you. Most of these deals are just marketing techniques that are not necessary for new pilots. You should purchase the gear fitting you the best. If you want to fly higher safely, it is better to buy equipment and wings rather than a cheaper package deal.

Third cause- Training costs in paramotoring

If you are new to paramotoring, you would have to deal with training costs. However, when it comes to paramotoring equipment and accessories, the price of training is far lesser.

However, before you go ahead and know more about its cost, there might be a few misconceptions that you would end up dealing related to training. One of them is that the training services provided are free to the new pilots. Wherever you see such advertisements, it is better to avoid it. No training can be free of cost in the Flight School.

paramotor training: can you self train yourself for paramotoring?

On average, you would have to spend about $2000 at least if you want to go ahead with this training session. If you are a new pilot, you will learn how to fly into the sky with your paramotor easily safely.

Another thing you should remember before you select any training session is the flying school. You don’t have to go ahead and choose anything you find for the first time. It would be better for you to do your research and find a good fit. It is better to observe some instructors so that you can understand the personalities and teaching techniques. After that, you can select the perfect teacher from the flying School that can suit you the best.

You might even end up coming across flying schools that can offer you one-day training if you have a busy schedule.

Fourth cause- Cost of the equipment

It would help if you didn’t even think about flying without purchasing necessary equipment such as a helmet, radio, and a reserve parachute. The minimum cost of this equipment can be around $1,200. However, depending on the quality, it can also cost higher.

A helmet can range around $200 and $500. On the other hand, if you go on an excellent quality reserve parachute, it can cost you around $800 and $1,300. Lastly, the price of the radios can be about $200

If you want to make your launching process easy, it will be useful to purchase a ground handling hardness and ear defenders. It will help you with taking off quickly. The ear defenders will be helping you from harming your ears because of the engine noise. Even though some of the equipment may not seem useful, it would be better for you to purchase them for your safety.

Fifth cause- Other miscellaneous items you can consider

You might pay in the facing miscellaneous expenses concerning the paramotor and its equipment. Some of these expenses that you might need while purchasing and flying in the air are mentioned below:

● Fuel is one of the miscellaneous expenses that you need to focus on while flying in the air. Every time you start paramotoring, you will need the energy to reach your destination. Depending on the distance, you’ll need to get power from the stations.

● Most paramotoring professionals get insurance for their equipment, even though it is not a necessary process. You can spend thousands of dollars to get insurance for your paramotor. Even though the insurance cost might be a little higher for you, it would be a better choice to save your future budget.

● You might also focus on getting a tank filled with an excess of fuel. If you are using a paramotor with a two-stroke engine, you might have to get two-stroke oil to make it easier for you to fly in the air with such a machine.

Annual cost of paramotoring

The cost of paramotoring rises depending on how much time you spend with your paramotoring sport. The total cost annually may reach $600 and more if you fly often. However, if you take a flight occasionally, the price can reach up to $250.

This total cost also includes transportation and fuel while you are taking a journey in the sky. It is, however, theoretical knowledge. When it comes to practicality, you might end up spending more than you can expect. For example, if there is a damage in your wing or another accessory, you would have to replace it. These products,.however, can last for years unless you need to fix some damage because of an accident. This is where insurance can help. You would only have to pay for the insurance, transportation, and fuel for the entire year.

Final words

On the eBay or other related websites, you can find paramotors at just $3,000. However, you can also find cheaper second-hand machines that will be available at $2,000. Since these are used equipment and tools, you can find these online in the virtual stores. You can even bargain to purchase the paramotor at a lower cost. You would have to make sure that the machine is tested and certified.

You would also end up spending about $2,000 in training sessions before officially piloting. If you’re a beginner, you can get immense benefit and fail to fall into frequent accidents. You’ll also learn about the paramotor safety and other aspects related to the operation.

Along with that, you would have to get more accessories and equipment, such as an extra fuel tank. The additions would cost you more than $1,200. Entirely, you would end up spending about a minimum of $9,000, including both training and equipment. If you aspire to fly high, spending about $10,000 wouldn’t feel much of a trouble.


I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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