A helmet is not only essential in bike riding but also paramotoring and paragliding. While the Government and Traffic police issue fines for not wearing helmets during bike riding, there are no such restrictions in paramotoring. It should be your responsibility to wear a helmet before flying a paramotor. We are given this beautiful life only once. Why to keep your life at stake for enjoying the adventure and fun of paramotoring?

The paramotor’s wings may pull the pilot downwards, causing the whole thing to fall over rocks. Propellers of the paramotor may strike your head too. So, flying without a helmet may cost a pilot his life. 

Flying experts or trainers always recommend to wear a helmet during paramotoring. Unfortunate accidents have happened to several pilots in the past. Some of them have succumbed, while others had to give up their passion for flying. Therefore, it would not be sensible to compromise your safety while riding a paramotor.

A helmet is necessary for ground handling too. If you are not familiar with the wing behavior or don’t know how to curtail the wing, you may end up getting your feet pulled off. When such cases happen, a helmet works as your shield to keep you away from injuries.

Moreover, communication helmets enable pilots to communicate with each other in the sky. A good com helmet also protects the ears from the loud sound of a paramotor engine and the propeller’s high rotating speed. 

The paramotor helmets are available in various sizes. Some of them have removable and adjustable visor, while some others have optional visor.


An EN certificate is employed to certify helmets utilized in air sports. The cheap helmets are not included under this certificate.

When the word ‘paramotor’ or’ paraglider’ comes, pilots may get confused. The reason is that specific tests are carried out upon the helmets before offering them for sale. One must need to keep in mind those considerations before buying cheaper helmets.

If you decide to buy an inexpensive one, consider having a mountain biking or skating helmet. The metal of these kinds of helmets are solid and possess good tensile strength. Therefore, these are quite suitable for ground handling. Famous paramotor pilot cum YouTuber Tucker Gott also uses a mountain biking helmet. One can search for this type of helmet on Amazon.

By using a Bern helmet, you can even create your one.

When you are purchasing a mountain biking helmet to fly your paramotor, do not forget to buy a pair of earmuffs. A noisy engine just beside your head may hamper your hearing abilities, so the earmuffs are essential to protect you. Try to look for those ear muffs which are attached to the helmet itself. The earmuffs sold by Amazon are a finished good to go.

The wireless communication system is most popular among paramotor pilots. Bluetooth transmission mechanism allows you to have an unaffected intercom connection with other pilots. Furthermore, one can also connect his smartphone or other devices through Bluetooth. With this system, the pilots can even listen to music while flying in the sky. One such example of a helmet is Sena 10R. The working system and efficiency of Sena 10 R are excellent, and you don’t need to spend too many pennies from your pocket to have one. But, of course, an EN certification is not attached to it.

Some corm techniques have a radio component that provides features like family and HAM band radios. 

Ready-to-fly helmets for a paramotor with an inbuilt radio communication system

Tactical Helmet Radio Headset

These helmets are designed by adopting the mechanism cited above. These are a mountain bike helmet with the addition of earmuffs. With the fitting of SENA Bluetooth two-way radio communication system, these kinds of helmets allow the aerialist to speak with other pilots and local air traffic. These are also combined with a sun visor to protect against dangerous Ultra violet rays of the sun.

Generally, these helmets are not recommended for ground handling because of the bulkiness. When a person is involved with ground handling, he needs to spend a massive amount of energy, and thus, the body temperature increases. With the muffs in the ear, pilots feel even more heat. Those who have already tried this helmet in ground handling do not positively respond to their experience.

Paramotor Helmets for specific purposes

The helmets that are built according to the purpose of the user are a bit expensive. But the money you will be spending is entirely worth it since these helmets are excellent. They are accompanied by an EN 966 certificate and very useful for airborne activities. The best example under this category is Icaro Skyrider TZ. Skyrider TZ comes with the Sena Tufftalk radio communication device, which lets you communicate with 4 Tufftalk devices over Bluetooth, that too up to 1.4 km distance. One doesn’t need any special adaptors to plug it. This helmet has the advantage of a music system also.

It is specially built to maximize the avoidance of background commotions. Therefore, this is quite popular in the community of paramotor pilots.

Paragliding, Hang Gliding, and Speed Flying Helmets

The helmets utilized in paragliding, hand gliding, or speed flying do not necessarily require ear safety. If you need radio communication, you can choose one of the helmets mentioned above.

The pilots immensely love the Icaro Nerve helmet. This helmet’s sun visor will protect your eyes, while the removable ear covers will keep the cold at bay whenever you fly around higher altitudes. It has been made as light as possible by the manufacturer so that the pilot doesn’t feel any inconvenience while wearing it for a long time.

The best part is Icaro Nerve helmet too has an EN 966 certificate. 

The best one: Solar X helmet

Every paramotorist has given a thumbs up for this helmet. The Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered aircraft project in Switzerland, has given the name Solar X to this helmet.

ICARO 2000 Solar X PPG helmet

This helmet provides the ultimate comfort to the users. It is reliable enough to resist any wear due to friction. It has also got the EN certificate. The easy way to remove the wind visor and earmuffs make this helmet the best amongst others.

What to consider before paying for a paramotor helmet?

Before choosing a paramotor helmet for yourself, you must take a look at the bottom mentioned points. You will not find a helmet for air sports in local shops; therefore, online is your best option.

It would help if you took measurements of your head correctly before purchasing a paramotor helmet. You can wrap a flexible tape around the most significant portion of your head or just above the ears to carry out the size accurately. In case tapes are not handy, you can also use a thin rope to measure your head’s diameter.

Once the measurement is done, you should look at the size chart of the manufacturing company. Don’t ever buy a helmet without looking at the size chart, as the sizes vary among manufacturers.

When you try the helmet on, make sure it’s a good snug fit. Too loose or too tight helmets cause discomfort to the pilot. The rule of thumb says that if the helmet leaves your head when you jump up and down, it is loose.

Also, make sure to examine the chin strap before buying any helmet. 

EN Certificates for helmets

The EN certificate bears the proof that the helmet has passed specific strict tests meant for airborne activities.

Following are the tests:

Shock absorption: the helmet is dropped from a height of about 5 or 6 feet.

Penetration test: a sharp striker is dropped from some heights onto the helmet fixed in a platform.

Design requirements: the helmet needs to meet the adequate area of coverage and vision standards.

Retention system: the chin strap must need to fulfill some criteria so that the authority can make sure that the helmet will act as a shield in the context of accidents. Helmets are also tested under a shock load system.

Besides all of these, you should always do your research regarding EN 966 ratings before buying a paramotor helmet. 


By summing up, I want to tell you that always buy a certified paramotor helmet. To save some pennies, you should not put your life at risk.


I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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