Selecting suitable gifts from a set of choices can be tedious, but if someone is obsessed with paramotoring then, here are the top 14 Gifts For Paramotors Pilots that one can order online today.

Top 14 Gifts For Paramotors Pilots

1. Paramotor books

Books are something one can never be bored of. For a biginner who is just being a fresher in the field of pilot, this gift is one to be cherished.

You don’t need to get a load of books. The set of Complete Paramotor Pilot’s Book Of Knowledge along with The PPG bible is both highly rated with excellent customer reviews.

Also, there is ‘Understanding Flying Weather’ on Amazon, which is another must-read for all pilots. Both fresher and professional flyers will reap benefits from its content, and it’s also highly appreciated with good reviews.

Paramotor Books can be a good choice as Gifts For Paramotors Pilots.

2. DVDs and Video Streams

No matter if its for a beginner or a professional paramotorist, films always make it to the top Gifts For Paramotors Pilots.

Every pilot will enjoy the master PPG DVD series, which enlightens through various flying chapters, up to the most advanced stages of paramotoring.

Another good film that pilots surely enjoy is the ‘We are the Rovers Adventures‘, which compiles some of the world’s top pilots’ experiences on paramotoring adventures all around the globe.

3. T-shirts and hoodies

A pilot will always love to have a classy paramotor t-shirt or hoodie in his/her wardrobe. Many websites have arranged stocks to decorate the wardrobe of pilots.

You can check out a set of t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories that have been very popular RIGHT HERE.

Gifts For Paramotors Pilots

4. Flight clothing

An essential belonging of every paramotor pilots’ arsenal is flight clothing like gloves, flight suits, and waterproof boots for running over damp grassy areas.

There’s no shortage of choices of the gear from our set of recommendations. This is my personal favorite Gifts For Paramotors Pilots.

5. Sunglasses

Most of the paramotor flights take off when the sun stays low in the sky. That’s why a sunglass is one thing you can never ignore if you are a part of a  paramotor flight team.

They also appear to be a great fit because they are also used while pilots are not in flight.

Oakley sunglasses are always popular with pilots because of their wrap-around style. A big portion of the Oakley range is also good for sports as they’re lightweight and comfortable, just what a paramotor pilot needs.

6. Strobe light

In case you are buying something that’ll help in keeping the pilot’s life safe and sound, a strobe light will be a great paramotor gift that they will cherish.

Many pilots possess strobe lights when they first get into flying, so it is recommended to check whether they have one already fitted.

A popular strobe light that will come in handy for all paramotors is the Skyflar found on eBay NOW.

7. Instruments

Paramotor pilots are real admirers of gadgets, and there are some quite cool choices in THIS POST.

Few picks that would make it to the top and would be great Gifts For Paramotors Pilots would definitely be altimeters and wind speed meters.

If you’re stuck for choice, the Fairhaven micro alti (link to Amazon) is a great option as it’s specially designed for paramotoring sport, and it has the whole package of great functions that paramotor pilots will find essentially useful.

Fairhaven micro alti

8. Radios

Radio is a thing every pilot needs in his/her cabinet, to communicate with his teammates and crew on the ground.

Baofeng radios are anytime a handy choice. You can get it online at a very reasonable price.

Another popular choice is a hands-free Bluetooth communication device like the Sena 10R. Some helmet altercation may be required, so it is recommended to assure that the receiver of this gift can get it fit before buying.

9. Fuel can and shaker

Another thing that falls in the list of essentials for all pilots! It’s officially cherished by all the pilots out there. It’s a fuel can that carries fuel to the field and a siphon shaker hose for fuel transfering purpose to the paramotor’s tank.

10. Tools

There are some things one can’t ever properly list. Tools are one of them for pilots. And also, it falls in the list of essentials.

A gift choice could be a torque wrench for tightening propeller bolts and essential regular maintenance.

11. Balaclava

Winters usually have a toll on pilots. So, every pilot wants to have a warm balaclava to fight against the chill.

Ones with big eye ports are the best choice as a gift. The ones with two small holes are not efficient for flying.

Balaclavas designed for bikers and skiing are anytime a good choice, as they are long and have an extension covering on the neck. This repels the dangerous winter wind chill that is a dread for paramotor pilots.

12. Camera

Flying in the clouds always offers great scenery, that are outstanding subjects of photography. Pilots too love to capture them, so cameras are great gifts for pilots.

Normal cameras are difficult to operate while engaged in flight, so action cameras are always the best option. Specially designed for action sports, these can be fit on the pilot’s helmet, and can capture anything in vision.

GoPro cameras are the most popular choice, but great other choices are abundant for those who want a cheaper option.

13. Chase cam

A pilot who already has a camera will love to get a chase cam to fit it.

Chase cams are devices attached to the paramotor’s wings and are taken along behind, as the pilot flies. This gives a great rear view of the pilot, and will certainly capture some incredible footage.

Not many choices to choose from, but that does not matter as their functions are all same. Always remember, hike in price doesn’t hike the efficiency.

14. Wind speed meter

This one is quite essential for pilots as It ensures safety when the take-off is at windy times. It’s handy for a pilot who’s a beginner, and he may find it tough to decide the safety of atmosphere.

Check out what I’m using now here on Amazon > Wind speed meter.


I started Paramotor.Guide to share everything I know about this amazing sport. This site has now become the top resource for pilots all around the world. I started flying light aircraft back in 2004, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013.

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